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Aardvark Multi-Purpose Strainer
SKU: 9357386846

The Aardvark™ strainer is dishwasher safe.  It can go where the glasses go in the top rack, and take up a lot less space in the dishwasher than a regular colander type strainer. Or it can clean out pretty quickly and easily by hand.

It has a drip cup, so you never have to worry about the ice melting or something else spilling all over the countertop.

The drip cup fits neatly inside the strainer, so it takes up just a teeny tiny bit of space in your kitchen.

In fact, you might be able to store it inside a glass, which will take hardly any space at all.

The drip cup doubles as a one-cup measure.  So if you are into measuring servings of fruit or veggies (for example), you have everything you need to measure, rinse, and serve.

Our price: $9.00