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Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil
SKU: 780393070217

For millennia, fresh olive oil has been one of life's necessities-not just as food but also as medicine, a beauty aid, and a vital element of religious ritual. Today's researchers are continuing to confirm the remarkable, life-giving properties of true extra-virgin, and "extra-virgin Italian" has become the highest standard of quality.

But what if this symbol of purity has become deeply corrupt? Starting with an explosive article in The New Yorker, Tom Mueller has become the world's expert on olive oil and olive oil fraud-a story of globalization, deception, and crime in the food industry from ancient times to the present, and a powerful indictment of today's lax protections against fake and even toxic food products in the United States. A rich and deliciously readable narrative, Extra Virginity is also an inspiring account of the artisanal producers, chemical analysts, chefs, and food activists who are defending the extraordinary oils that truly deserve the name "extra-virgin."

Our price: $27.95
Market Vegetarian, Easy organic recipes for every occasion
SKU: 9781845977207

Market Vegetarian, Easy Organic Recipes For Every Occasion

Ross Dobson

"An essential vegetarian recipe collection for anyone who is interested in cooking and eating good, organic foods."

Our price: $24.95
Tagine: Spicy stews from Morocco
SKU: 781845974794

Tagine: Spicy stews from Morocco

Ghillie Basan 


“Experience the authentic tastes or Morocco with these hearty meals that are prepared and served in their own special pot.”

Our price: $15.95
Tapas and other Spanish plates to share
SKU: 781849750561

Tapas and Other Spanish Plates to Share

Ryland Peters & Small


“Bring an authentic taste of Spain to your table with this collection of more than 60 mouth-watering tapas recipes. Mix and match these sociable sharing plates for different flavor combination every time.”

Our price: $24.95
Vegetarian Food for Friends, Simple Spectacular Recipes
SKU: 9781845973919

Vegetarian Food for Friends, Simple Spectacular Recipes

Jane Noraika

"A modern, delicious, and healthy way to entertain, whether your guests are vegetarian or not....Food for everykind of event -- from finger food at a cocktail party, to the family Sunday lunch, a casual celebration with friends, or an elegant formal dinner."

Our price: $16.95
White Balsamic
SKU: 1000186-7
White balsamic is a little lighter in flavor and more tart than dark balsamics, it is used for aesthetic reasons so as not to color sauces/dressings and you can also use for keeping your fruit from turning brown.

Our price: $15.00
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