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Aardvark Multi-Purpose Strainer
SKU: 9357386846

The Aardvark™ strainer is dishwasher safe.  It can go where the glasses go in the top rack, and take up a lot less space in the dishwasher than a regular colander type strainer. Or it can clean out pretty quickly and easily by hand.

It has a drip cup, so you never have to worry about the ice melting or something else spilling all over the countertop.

The drip cup fits neatly inside the strainer, so it takes up just a teeny tiny bit of space in your kitchen.

In fact, you might be able to store it inside a glass, which will take hardly any space at all.

The drip cup doubles as a one-cup measure.  So if you are into measuring servings of fruit or veggies (for example), you have everything you need to measure, rinse, and serve.

Our price: $9.00
Chef's Basting Set
SKU: 85168400317
Baste like a chef! Prepara’s revolutionary basting set resides next to your stovetop and provides quick and easy one-handed access for brushing a perfectly thin coat of oil onto your sauté pan or basting your roasted poultry with delicious juices. With the high quality glass jar you can even throw it in the microwave and melt some butter to brush onto your freshly baked bread or pastries.

Our price: $25.00
Honey Dipper
SKU: 68545048269
The Honey Dipper is great for drizzling your favorite honey on a on any dish. We recommend Monnesota grown Steve's Bees honey to accompany this wonderful dipper.
Each polystone bee is also accented with durable/flexible antennae.

Our price: $3.00
Round Brush
SKU: 68545027462
This brush is perfect for every chef. The natural non-scratch bristles are firm but soft allowing it to be used to brush oil over your favorite dishes.

The natural boar's hair bristles are 1 1/2 inches long
Total length is 7 3/8 inches

Our price: $2.00
Self Closing Pour Spouts with Rubber Stopper
SKU: 1001123-1
The self closing pour spouts come in either silver or gold and fit both the 200ml bottle and the 375ml bottle. When purchasing a bottle of our olive oil or vinegar we include a cap to close the bottle but you can purchase the self closing pour spout instead to pour your oils at greater ease and with a little more elegance. Work well if cooking a lot in which you can just tip the bottle and it will pour, making it one handed, or if you are entertaining.

The spout has a weighted flap closure, which opens automatically to dispense the oil and closes when the bottle is upright, protecting the oil from oxidation. The stopper is made of black rubber and allows for a close fit.


Our price: $5.00
Set of 4 Olive Spreaders
SKU: 55910515003
This Set of 4 Supreme Houseware Olive Spreaders, made of stainless steel are perfect for any party. Use this gourmet spreader to spread your favorite cheese, tapaenade, or any other creamy topping. These olive spreaders are best handwashed.

Our price: $9.00
Silicone Brush
SKU: 95110707122 46
Available in green and yellow. This silicone brush has very fine bristles for uniform spreading of olive oil, balsamics, egg wash, glazes, jams, juices, drippings, etc.
Silicone bristles remove for easy cleaning

Material: Silicone
Dimension: 10¾” L
Care and Clean: Dishwasher safe


Our price: $4.00
Tappi Pour Spouts
SKU: 100111
The tappi pour spouts are made for both the 200ml bottles and the 375ml bottles, making pouring from your bottles easier. When purchasing a bottle of our olive oil or vinegar we include a cap to close the bottle but you can purchase the tappi pour spout instead to pour your oils at greater ease. These pour spouts simply stop your oils and vinegars from guzzling out of the bottle.

Our price: $1.00
Vegetable Brush
SKU: 68545038253
This small yet tough brush is perfect for cleaning dirt and debris off mushrooms and other soft vegetables.

Our price: $3.00